Homestead Organics Farm

Homestead Organics Farm is a small, family run vegetable farm located 3 miles south of the town of Hamilton.  We grow a wide variety of vegetables and greens.  The farm serves the community through a summer and a fall CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, an on site Farm Stand open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-7PM, and booths at both the Hamilton and Missoula Saturday Farmer’s Markets.

The CSA program is becoming the framework for the farm, guiding what it produces and how it interacts with the community.  The CSA is offered on a sliding scale and members also choose the quantity of food they want.   Members in the Homestead Organics Farm CSA program learn to prepare, eat, and appreciate a large variety of vegetables.   Weekly recipes and meal ideas help members use their foods, which makes eating locally and seasonally an easy and integral part of their daily lives. 

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Homestead Organics Farm
Laura Garber & Henry Wuensche 
175 Skalkaho Hwy. 
Hamilton, MT 59840

We hope to meet the needs of many different sized families by making CSA share boxes to feed 2, 4, 6, or 8 people.  We also encourage members to join at the level that best reflects their ability to pay.  The idea is that the family of 2 who can afford a bit more should pay the regular share price and request food for 2 people.  Meanwhile, the family of 6 who cannot afford much should pay the low budget share price and still get food to feed 6 people.

CSA shares are picked up at the farm on Tuesday afternoons or at either the Hamilton or Missoula Farmer’s Markets on Saturday mornings.  The summer CSA program provides members with a variety and abundance of locally grown foods from the end of May through early October.  Fall Cupboard Club shares begin in the fall with three pick ups spread over six weeks. 

Homestead Organics Farm is working hard to help build the local food system and to educate the community about the importance of local agriculture.  The farm hosts several community celebrations each year including an annual May Day Celebration and a Fall Harvest Festival.  The May Day party brings people together to celebrate the beginning of the new growing season with a group Field Blessing, May Pole dance, and other games.  The Harvest party is a time to celebrate the bounty and includes salsa and kim chee making for all.  The best part of the farm parties is always the potluck, though! 

The Youth Roots Project at the farm brings area youth and children to the farm to learn about and experience locally grown, fresh foods.  Youth from the Bitterroot Attention Home come to the farm once or twice each week of the summer.  They tend their own garden located at the farm and also work side by side with the farmers and interns in the field.  The youth earn a CSA share box each week to use at the Attention Home where they live. 

The farm also plays host to children aged 6-12 for one week of ‘Farm Camp’ in July.  Other youth groups, such as Girls Using Their Strength, a program of WVE for middle school aged girls, stay at and participate in the farm in the summer.  In addition, school groups come to the farm in fall for walking and tasting tours.  The farm has hosted a fall Pumpkin Patch fundraiser for the past two years.

Homestead Organics Farm welcomes visitors.  Volunteers who help out in the morning are welcome to join us for lunch.  We eat well here at the farm.  After all, it is all about the food!  Those interested should contact the farm and get ready to get into the dirt!

The farm also has an intern and volunteer program.  Folks interested in the lifestyle of farming can live and work on the farm from April through October.  Housing and food are provided in exchange for hard work and dedication to the idea of community.  The farm has hosted over 30 interns from across the US.  Interns and volunteers from Europe have also come to the farm over the past several years.

Homestead Organics Farm is proud to be certified organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture.  The farm has been certified organic for the past five years.  We realize being certified organic may not actually be necessary for us.  The relationships we build with our customers are what make them trust our production practices, not an expensive label.  However, we do believe in the value of a state-run certification body and its potential to influence and guide the farming practices of farmers across Montana.  By sticking with our organic certification, we hope to show our support for the efforts of those working to increase the number of sustainably run farms in Montana.   

We are proud to be a part of the growing movement toward a strong local food system and strong local economy.   We hope to add to the momentum and raise awareness of broader issues related to food and community.   We say:  Live a balanced life.  Imagine change.  Use working with the soil as a tool for making it happen.                      -Peace!